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VISIT at the Factory - GUIDED Tours




Handicraft Laboratory of italian ceramics

 Our company has been for years part of a tourist circuit which includes a free visit to our factory and the opportunity to see all stages of the ceramic process, so CEAR Srl has equipped its factory for children guided tours on school trips and large groups visiting  the town of Caltagirone.



For information about prices and reservations write to info@ceramichecear.it






* After the visit, the company reccommend to purchase its products at the factory prices which are very affordable.












At our Company in Caltagirone is possible to join  in a ceramics course for individual or "EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP"”, this a project is designed for students and for those who wish  to participate. The manufacture of the ceramic is an art hand down from father to son, just like our Company. The "EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP”, gives the opportunity to learn this ancient art and see it how materially is made by their hands, through the shaping processes, finishing, firing, glazing and decoration, the latter, the highest expression of the ceramic.


Examples of the processing at the Educational Workshop


didactic1 didactic2
didactic3 didactic4


Educational Workshop


The educational workshop lasts over half a day, usually in the morning. Upon arrival at the Company our staff will be there for you to show you various production phases accurately commented and explained. Then we will give the opportunity to half of the pupils to experience and practice the shaping process under the guidance of a tutor, while the other half, under the guidance of another tutor, will experience and practice the glazing and decoration process; then they will exchance their tasks.



- Morning shift 9:00 / 13:00 - 14:30 afternoon shift / 18:30.


The Company provides with rooms when time allows, the outdoor courtyard (not supplied with tables and chairs) for a brown-bag lunch. It also possible to have lunch at the Company’s canteen, (about 100 meters from the company).


Half-day educational workshop Cost:

- Euro 15.00 per pupilt (minimum. 20 students - max. 40 pupils per half day shift)


The educational workshop includes:

- Materials such as clay, semi-finished items, colours and glazes
- Use of our staff for the duration of the course
– Firing of the decorated objects

– Delivery of the decorated objects to each individual school

- Delivery of a brochure for each participant with of all the processing stages detail










 Ceramics course for adults, individual or group


For adults, the cost  of the course is € 100.00 plus VAT per day (min. 3 days) per person, and it is structured as follows:



 - Day 1: shaping.

Learning the shaping stages and the preparation of the clay. The shaping methods: lathe and press. Finishing of the shaped objects and preparaion for the first firing.


- Day 2: Glazing.

Finishing of the shaped objects and preparing for the first firing. Tips about the glazes. Preparation of the object and glaze.


 - Day 3: Decorating.

Knowledge of the colours and change of the oxides during the firing process. Decoration Methods: red lead, pencil, brushing, mask. Thread and filling. Preparazione seconda cottura. Preparation of the second firing.


The course includes:


- Materials
- Materials such as clay, semi-finished items, colours and glazes
- Use of our staff for the duration of the course
- Firing of the products
- hand or mail delivery of the products
-  "Certificate of Attendance" at the completion of the course



See the Certificate of Attendance Brochure avanti    


The course can also be extended to the desired days, depending on self knowledge of the subject that you want to acquire. A day before commencing the course, the Company suggests all students to visit the Museum of Ceramics situated in the old town of Caltagirone, where you can admire all the expressions of ceramics. The Company will also provide assistance and information for tours, meals and accommodation.



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